Love letter to my baby cuz

Dear Baby P,

You’re not such a baby anymore but you’ll always be a baby to me. You’re turning four in less than a month and a half. Where has all the time gone?

Though we haven’t spent too much time together since you came into this world, I’m grateful for the time we have been able to spend together. Whether it’s you visiting me or me visiting you, we always have a blast. And I often end up with a back ache or some sort of slight injury from your active antics. But it’s always a joyful time.

I wanted to write to your three year old self – perhaps you can read this and understand it when you are older.

Baby P, never lose your enthusiasm, your curiosity, your boldness. Your amazement and awe at the littlest things is inspiring. You help us remember to stop and smell the flowers. And marvel at them. And marvel at butterflies. And ants. And laugh at the silliest things. Everything is funny in your world. It is a beautiful world.

Never stop running with your heart leading the way. You literally run chest first, many times looking to the side or back at us, missing what’s in front of you. Even if you may run into something, never lose that fearlessness. It will take you far in life. Lead with your heart. It will never fail you. Not in the true sense of failure at least. There is no such thing as failure anyway. You’ll learn that. Failure is just an opportunity to learn.

Keep your emotions on your sleeve. It’s beautiful how you can be laughing and ecstatic one moment, and wailing the next. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Children haven’t yet learned to suppress their emotions. It is a natural human process, to feel. And you do that, so deeply. Always remember it’s okay to cry. Alright, well, maybe not when you fake cry to get something you want. Because yes, we can all actually see through that. But when you truly cry because something upsets you. That is okay, and it will always be okay. It’s okay to be upset. It’s actually important to be able to process that emotion. Upset, sadness, frustration, anger – these are all valid emotions. The only way out of them is through. Remember that.

What else can I say to you? Always stay open. The way you are open to strangers, the way you so easily give of yourself and show affection. Stay that way. Don’t close yourself off from the world. Stay open, stay bright, keep shining.

Love you Baby P. Can’t wait to see the wonderful human you will grow to be!

(A moment in time and in play, June 17, 2020)

Hugs and kisses,
Big Sis J

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