Intuitive Living

I’ve been pondering this idea for a while … living from your intuitive self. Listening to your intuition for me means : doing things because you feel called to, spending time with people you love or who light you up, infusing every word and act with deep intention yet light surrender. Not worrying that you need to do this or that, but just letting the day unfold as you take on your duties one by one, calmly and in flow. Letting yourself be led elsewhere if that’s where you feel most true.

I’ve seen this work in the most mundane of situations. On the road, for example. A friend once told me that he couldn’t drive in other countries – the rules didn’t make sense. It was only every time he returned to the Philippines that he sighed in relief. Even though traffic rules are generally nonexistent here, there’s a sense everyone knows what they’re doing and where to go – drivers may be ruthless but you know how to dance in the madness. It’s an innate feeling that leads you.

Similarly, when I was in Bali, a driver I met was telling me how junctions in Bali are usually a mess since roads are narrow and not built for the mass tourism on the island. He said that they tried putting up stoplights at intersections, but that just messed the mess up even more. In the end Balinese drivers still preferred to not have any rules or lights, but instead continued to let one another cross intuitively, peacefully, at their own easy pace.

How can you apply this daily? It’s definitely something I’ve found I need to remind myself of constantly. Whenever I feel stressed, that I need to be doing something for one reason or another, usually to be more productive, I try to pause and ask myself if it’s really necessary, or if it can wait (or does it need to be done at all?). Listening to this voice within as often as I can so that it can translate into the bigger picture of my life. Am I going to look back five years from now and wonder where the years went, or will I smile, knowing I lived consciously and took steps in the direction of a life that fulfills me, allows me to connect with and serve others, while still meeting my basic needs?

Some food for thought. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine, wind, clouds, rain, night sky, wherever you are this spring Sunday.



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