Love Stories

Just came back from a friend’s wedding in Singapore. It was my first time attending the wedding of a good friend, and my first time appreciating weddings for what they are – celebrations of love stories.

Many tears were shed during the wedding. Many laughs shared. Memories made. Friendships created. Friends and family of the couple flew in from over 20 countries to celebrate with them. It was a massive, long, beautiful affair and I was so happy I was able to take part in it.

 Beautiful bridal henna Beautiful bridal henna  All dressed up in sarees All dressed up in sarees  Friends with the bride and groom Friends with the bride and groom  Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. ... #ourlovestoRY2017 Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs. … #ourlovestoRY2017

As huge an accomplishment as a wedding may seem to be, it is important to realize a wedding is really just the beginning of a marriage. The beginning of hard work, of building a life together and weathering any storm that may come. There is no “end” to love stories. It’s not like in the movies. Love is an arena where the journey is just as important as (if not more important than) the destination.

Seeing my friend build this strong partnership inspires me, and makes me wish for my own bond with a special someone. Here is my prayer to the Universe: may whoever is meant for me find me; may I find him; may we see and accept each other for who we are – strengths, flaws and all; and may we commit to growing together. I wish the same for you, as well.



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