Light in a Dark Room

Have been itching to write a blog post for a while now (it’s been two months!), just haven’t known what to say.

2017 has been challenging so far. I had high expectations to start the year on the right foot, but fears and self-doubt have crept in, causing me to feel more unsure and anxious than I would like. The biggest challenge for me has been this notion of my “future” – what I want to do, build, and where. Up until now, ruminating on this has brought me to almost a state of paralysis: having to decide and declare what my grand plan is.

But what if we don’t need grand plans? What if we can look at life as daily experiences building on each other? What if we don’t have to have the next ten years planned out – instead, just stay aware and focus on enjoying and giving in the present? I have tried to keep myself grounded in this way by journaling and, more recently, meditating daily.

This morning’s meditation, courtesy of the lovely Deepak Chopra, reminded me to see each obstacle as an opportunity in disguise.

He says that if we spend all our time focused on ourselves, we live life as if we were in a dark room with just a lit match to guide us. We have limited awareness, and everything around us seems dark and scary. If we focus more on compassion and serving others, then we have moderate awareness. We walk in the dark room with a flashlight, able to see objects far away more clearly, able to see that obstacles serve a purpose. The last, and highest level, is heightened awareness, where the room is well lit. We are still, connected to our intuition and purpose, and see all obstacles as opportunities to transcend into higher consciousness and awareness.

That’s what I’m striving for. Choosing to see each fear and trial as an opportunity in disguise. Asking myself, what can I learn from each situation? As my mentor likes to say, how can I see that life is happening FOR me, not TO me? How is everything I encounter a gift, a lesson designed to bring me closer in alignment to my purpose and joy?

That’s my wish for you today. To see the obstacles in your life as hidden opportunities. To expand your awareness, and shine a light on your problems in the process. The real reason they exist is so you can grow.



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