Souls in Meat Sacks

A bit of an existential post today. Wanted to share a phrase I heard from my mentor recently that has stuck with me – souls in a meat sack. If you think about it, that’s all we are.

For the past few months I’ve had these periodic floods of thoughts where I just marvel at the miracles we are, us human beings. Who ever thought that there would be a planet in this universe, suitable for these strange looking creatures called humans to live on, creatures who have evolved over a period of time to have such intelligence as to analyze to death the world around them, seeking to understand all phenomena. Who have created such technology as cars to transport themselves places, created clothing to cover themselves up with, who have even given some among their species authority to decide what is fashionable and what is suitable for women versus men.

Think about us from the perspective of a giant as if you were looking down on a colony of ants. Could you imagine ants having these complex thought patterns, systems for society, norms and values? I guess ants have some of these aspects, but can you imagine them dressing themselves and judging each other based on appearance? Imagine them innovating and coming up with different dishes, drinks, freakin’ mobile apps?

What a WONDER it is to be alive and to have this time on Earth! We are all just souls in a meat sack. What is the purpose of war, of judgment, of petty politics, of feeling superior to another human being? It’s all so pointless when you think about it. Why not just appreciate the time we have and what we have, and love one another? I know I probably sound like a crazy sap, but just wanted to share some thoughts to maybe help you gain some perspective.

The next time you get in an argument and get angry to a seemingly unsurpassable breaking point, just remember that it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things! The person you are arguing with is just another soul, in a similar meat sack as yours. Doesn’t matter what color, shape, or size the sack is, we’re all the same. All on this fleeting, wondrous journey called life, doing the best with what we have. These sacks won’t work forever, so while they do, make good use of yours and just enjoy the time you have to be alive!



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