Weekend in El Nido

Spent the past weekend with my good friend S in El Nido, a group of islands here in the Philippines. Was a nice break from work and a wonderful immersion into nature and the ocean. The weekend was a good mix of rest and relaxation, water activities, and just plain ol’ being our silly selves.

 Kayaking in the small lagoon Kayaking in the small lagoon  Snorkeling with jackfish Snorkeling with jackfish  Stand up paddleboarding Stand up paddleboarding

This trip reminded me of how much joy, music, and dance live in the Filipino people. Everywhere we went, there were singing Filipinos greeting us. At the airport, at our resort, during meals. That’s part of what I love so much about my fellow countrymen. No matter what situation they are in, they always find a reason to celebrate and sing. Fiestas, parades, karaoke, you name it. Song and dance are in our blood.

I was also reminded of how much of the Philippines I have yet to explore! I grew up here for 17+ years, yet haven’t seen even a third of what the country has to offer. I’m lucky to have S, who lives in Manila and shares the same sentiment. We will hopefully be planning more weekend trips to explore in the future!



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